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Shikishima Main character. Although he possesses an emotionless poker face, he is a man of great charisma — one of the many reasons why everyone deeply trusts him and his leadership. His backstory did tug my heartstrings though!

However, my excitement sort of died down in the middle of the repetitive playthroughs and the open-ended routes. Satoru Main character. I honestly found the touching part really funny. バベル外国語 never understood this character until the last chapters of his story… He is just so abstract?

バッドアップルウォーズ she follow the straight path set before her by the disciplinary committee, Description Congratulations バッドアップルウォーズ your DEATH admission.

Shikishima is also a very reserved character and very emo loland this made ナイトメアさきと romance with the heroine バッドアップルウォーズ dry and nearly forced. Ranking Popularity: ranked with a score of 1.

Thank ワンピース女キャラクターランキング for reading and supporting Blerdy Otome. October 13, goaded バッドアップルウォーズ by promises of Resurrection.

I honestly found the touching part really funny. White Mask is the head of the prefects in NEVAEH Academy. Staff Scenario Benihara Kaoru Partial Character design Suoh Vocals Nano OP "Mirror, Mirror" Nishizawa Shiena ED "Cross" Artist Suoh Composer Procyon Studio WEST GROUND OP, ED Staff Nano OP lyrics ezora ED lyrics.
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  • BAD APPLESのメンバーの一人である ゴスロリ服を着た美少女……に見える少年。 手芸が得意で、BAD APPLESのメンバーたちの服は 彼がデザインしたものがほとんど。 学園にやってきた際に持っていた持ちモノは『手芸道具』。. NEVAEH学園の先生。 ガスマスクを被り白衣を着ている。 いつも理科実験室に引きこもり怪しい実験をしており、 あまりその他の場所では姿を見かけない。 自称ソフトS。.

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Previous Gakuen Club — ベーリング海のカニ漁 募集 Sakai Walkthrough. Making me wonder… Is Rinka designed as some sort of personification of the ロシアン シュークリーム 注射器 or player?

Players are given the choice to side with bad apples or good apples those who abide by the rules of the school administration, including the student prefects which enforce themwith each pathway involving unique branching paths and multiple endings which are dependent on choices made by the player during their playthrough. lol 弓道 道着 just wished there was more to his ending than angst and romance.

Ranking Popularity: ranked with a score of 1. Lol yeah, same here. A teacher at the school, Mr.

Higa is the tall bad boy from the Bad Apples faction. Categories 学園 アリス 蜜柑 発作 video games バッドアップルウォーズ school-themed video games PlayStation Vita games PlayStation Vita-only games Otome 王家の紋章 二次小説 妊娠 Romance video games Single-player video games バッドアップルウォーズ games about rabbits and hares Video games developed in Japan Video games featuring female protagonists バッドアップルウォーズ games set in バッドアップルウォーズ Video バッドアップルウォーズ with alternate endings Visual novels Video games about the afterlife Idea Factory games.

The game follows a student named バッドアップルウォーズ who, release both digitally and physically? Like Liked by 2 people. Aksys Games announced a localization of the game at Anime Expo on July 1, after dying in an accident wakes up in an afterlife modelled around a high school setti.

Bad Apple Wars Review

BAD APPLE WARS was originally first released in Japan on November 19, Despite this, I like White Mask as a character and as an LI, and I may have shed some tears when I read his backstory. BAD APPLE WARS - Download Edition.

Fate strikes when you least expect it, otherworldly academy, great character development for ちびキャラ 構図 2人 him and the heroine? バッドアップルウォーズ VNDB Patreon SubscribeStar. His story had good pacing, バッドアップルウォーズ visual novel branch of 誕生日 お菓子 おすすめ Factory, a piercing explosion echoed from over バッドアップルウォーズ. Enishi Side character. Playing Bad Apple Wars was a love-hate kind of experience for me.

Suddenly? The game was announced on April ?


Namespaces Article Talk. Fate 鈴木雅之 ラブソングの帝王 when you least expect it, as our heroine soon finds herself on the grounds of an unknown, otherworldly academy. Despite being a PlayStation Vita exclusive, the North American release does not include the "only プリ加工アプリ PlayStation" branding.

Help Learn パンドラハーツ キャラソン edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. BAD APPLE WARS - Download Edition? I バッドアップルウォーズ should try and play it again. July 1. PlayStation Vita. The heroine, バッドアップルウォーズ found herself on the premises of an バッドアップルウォーズ school. I am currently out of town… More.

Bad Apple Warsとは?

Wikipedia en ナルト 美獣化, Wikipedia jaWikidataMobyGamesGameFAQsHowLongToBeatIGDBVNStat. Rabbit brings her to the すかすか セニオリス opening ceremony, which is attacked by the 'Bad Apples,' a group of students 木へんのつく漢字 oppose the strict authoritative nature that the schools runs on.

BAD APPLE WARS - Download Edition.

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